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Executive Real Estate Partners is The Premier San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate Company.

Here at Executive Real Estate Partners, we present an abundant amount of services suitable to different client needs. Our agents deliver a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table in the sale of Residential and Commercial assets. As the market changes we are able to accommodate our clients with the latest real estate market and trend information.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients have an outstanding real estate experience.

REOs, Foreclosures and Short Sales


“ REO” stands for “ real estate owned” and typically refers to the inventory of real estate that banks and mortgage companies have foreclosed on and subsequently purchased through the foreclosure auction if there was no offer higher than the minimum bid. If you see a listing for a propert...

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Foreclosure is to shut out, to bar, to extinguish a mortgagor's right of redeeming a mortgaged estate. It is a termination of all rights of the homeowner covered by a mortgage. Foreclosure is a process in which the estate becomes the absolute property of the lending institution. Foreclosure numbe...

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Short Sales

A short sale is when a lender accepts a discount on a mortgage to avoid a possible foreclosure auction or bankruptcy. Instead of buying from a seller, you are purchasing the property directly from the lender for a discount. For example: A homeowner, who is facing foreclosure, has an existing first m...

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